Sweet Solution for Medics


Many medical professionals worldwide must work in difficult circumstances. Some doctors live in remote areas in low-income countries where there are no hospitals with modern techniques. Others work in states where specialized diagnostic tools and sophisticated modern treatments are simply too expensive for some of their patients. 

With a small group of physicians from different parts of the world, we are about to introduce a new injection technique which is safe, easy to learn and applicable even for those colleagues who work in remote areas in very difficult circumstances. What is the proposed solution? We use shallow injections with a very low concentration of sugar water (glucose 5%), which is derived from natural ingredients such as potatoes or corn. The sterile solution is already available worldwide and is inexpensive. The injection techniques are easy to learn and safe to give because they are given in skin and muscles. The dose of the sugar each session is so low that it can even be applied for diabetics or patients on a strict calorie diet. 

The goal of the “Sweet Solution for Medics” project is to learn local doctors how to treat their patients with musculoskeletal pain, and more importantly, train local doctors to train their colleagues in the area how to apply those injections in their own practice. For this project, we are not looking for direct financial funding. We do not plan to send modern medical equipment to those doctors. All we hope for is some exposure about this project among certain organizations who are already active in this field, so we can make this project a win-win situation for both medical professionals and their patients worldwide. 
We realize that it can be a long process to convince other doctors of the benefits and efficacy of this new method. We have no large clinical studies (yet) and we do not know all the exact mechanisms of action of this technique (yet). It is a good sign that some doctors are now using the same solution in epidural injections and in ultrasound guided injections for carpal tunnel syndrome with good outcome and no side effects. They hypothesize that this product is better than cortisone on the long term and with no side effects. However, high-level clinical studies are expensive and this product is not interesting for the pharma industry because it can not be patented. All we have now is a growing body of testimonies of patients and their doctors. We hope that soon more studies will confirm our findings and support this project. Some institutional interest is more than welcome.

Thank you

More info about the injection technique: www.glucopuncture.com